Rejuvasystem Non-Surgical Procedures
Lumilift, Lumifacial, Kinelase, Kineson, and Kinelift   


Treatments for:
*Face Lift                                                               
*Tummy Tuck
*Body Sculpting – Arms, legs, thighs, etc. 
*Cellulite Reduction
*Stretch Mark Treatment

$199.00 for 1st treatment including consultation & before photos
10 Treatment Package $1295.00
20 Treatment Package $1795.00 (Value priced)

Rejuvalift Non Surgical Facelift Package $1995.00
20 Treatments and 6 PCA Peels
and also included Rejuvasystem Skin Care Kit
In our opinion better than surgery results
Package Saves About $380.00 


Micro-Current Body Sculpting ~ $49.95
For toning and tightening – 30 minute session on abs = 1000 crunches
Value Package 3 for $124.95

Infrared Treatment ~ $39.95
For slimming and detoxing
45 minute session burns 1200 calories or more
Value Package 3 for $99.95

Combine Micro-Current Treatment with Infrared ~ $79.95
For simultaneous slimming and toning
Value Package 3 for $200.00

Cellulite Cool 100 Package ~ $99.95
One our most popular and effective treatments
Cellulite reduction products added to Micro-Currents and Infrared
For a noticeable firming and reduction of cellulite in only one treatment
Saves $30.00 (One of our most popular treatments)
Value Package 3 for $274.95 or 5 for $424.95 SPECIAL 10 Treatments for $495 

Add Cellulite Product ~ $39.95
*The cellulite treatment is like getting a massage with skin care.  A very relaxing treatment that helps  to reduce cellulite and soften skin. Takes about 45 min. 

Rejuvasystem Cellulite Gel  ~ $39.95 Our amazing cellulite product for home use. Diminishes cellulite and stretch marks,  and improves elasticity. Makes skin soft and healthy.  8 oz. tube         
Summer Special ~ Our home unit for a limited time is only $249 and includes $40 Anti Aging Gel free 

Home Non Surgical Face-Lift, Acne Treatment, Stretch Mark, & Cellulite Treatment Rejuvasystem RS 500    ~ $399.95 
Our powerful home unit that delivers amazing med spa results.